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kiss the messenger

Art Battle 14 / New Limb

On May 20, 2011, in djing, memories, music, by holotape

Very tired, few words.
Alex‘s latest recap video:


Art Battle 11 from Heads TO on Vimeo.

The song in it:

holotape – new limb
I actually wrote that song for Jaclyn :)

May 31 =

June 4 =


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Nuit Blanche

On October 1, 2010, in memories, music, by holotape

Nuit Blanche again.  Not as excited about this year.  Last year was the first in a few that I had taken off (although I played a show the night before) and it wasn’t that great (the event, not my show!).  At least Zone C wasn’t that great.  I had a fun time with friends, we stopped in a few galleries, but the only thing in Trinity Bellwoods was a giant Lite-Brite.  Going to try some different zones this year.

I was thinking about our project two years ago…it started as a neat idea that Deejay Scootz and I loved, but the committee was divided and ultimately went a different way.  Below is a video I made, wrote, and scored that didn’t end up being used.  Maybe one day Scootz and I will create the Alternate Reality Game we imagined.

This is what happened at the actual event, with a performance by Kiss the Messenger as the highlight of the night…well, at least my night. :)
Some memorable moments of that show included Jaclyn stumbling onto her synth, letting out a dissonant saw-wave HONK emphasizing her clutziness, and the over-eager fog machines nearly choking us…forcing Jaclyn to take a short break while I did an awful, improvised stand-up routine.
Good times :)

Queen West Art Crawl

On September 18, 2010, in djing, music, by holotape

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Queen West Art Crawl gala last night at the Gladstone Ballroom.  I had some major issues with the house CDJs, but I found that swearing at them a lot made them try harder.  A big thanks to all those who bought my CDs…this really helps me continue to make the music you seem to be enjoying :)

Final thanks go to the rest of the Art Battle team for giving me creative freedom as usual…except for Chris who demanded I play “20 minute warning,” a song by my old band kiss the messenger.

Anyway, Chris, this is mostly for you.  Jerk. ;)

kiss the messenger – 20 minute warning

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