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Nuit Blanche

On October 1, 2010, in memories, music, by holotape

Nuit Blanche again.  Not as excited about this year.  Last year was the first in a few that I had taken off (although I played a show the night before) and it wasn’t that great (the event, not my show!).  At least Zone C wasn’t that great.  I had a fun time with friends, we stopped in a few galleries, but the only thing in Trinity Bellwoods was a giant Lite-Brite.  Going to try some different zones this year.

I was thinking about our project two years ago…it started as a neat idea that Deejay Scootz and I loved, but the committee was divided and ultimately went a different way.  Below is a video I made, wrote, and scored that didn’t end up being used.  Maybe one day Scootz and I will create the Alternate Reality Game we imagined.

This is what happened at the actual event, with a performance by Kiss the Messenger as the highlight of the night…well, at least my night. :)
Some memorable moments of that show included Jaclyn stumbling onto her synth, letting out a dissonant saw-wave HONK emphasizing her clutziness, and the over-eager fog machines nearly choking us…forcing Jaclyn to take a short break while I did an awful, improvised stand-up routine.
Good times :)