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If you ever see a 29-year-old man on the subway playing a Nintendo DS, don’t automatically assume he’s playing Cooking Mama and lives in his parents’ basement.

He could be using the Korg DS-10, a moderately advanced synthesizer program which just happened to be released on a video game system.

Yes, that 29-year-old man could be me.  After learning about the program I bought myself a DS for the sole purpose of being able to create music on-the-go.  I had been wanting a Yamaha QY70 for years, but was never able to justify the high price tag for cheesy pcm sounds and a short battery life.  Anyway, the DS-10 is still rather restrictive, with only two dual-oscillator monosynths and a 4-part analog drum machine, but it’s fun.  A great sketchbook.

Sometimes inspiration hits while on public transit, and if you have to wait to get home to record it, it might be too late.

Here are a couple dynamically one-dimensional songs straight from the DS’s headphone jack.

holotape – nyf (ds demo)

holotape – last days of summer (ds demo)

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