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“Endgame” is a song I wrote on my DS while commuting in 2009.  I’ve included the original demo as well as the “real” version.

This is one of those songs that baffles me.  When I play it, people come up to me and tell me how much they like it. The look on my face is usually like “huh?” because this is one of those ones I sort of dismiss as being rather simple.  Another like that is one off my “come home” CD called “Getting Away”.  Many, many people call it their favourite, but it was one that I very heavily considered not including on the CD.

I guess the lesson to be learned here is…you guys are weird. ;)

holotape – endgame

holotape – endgame (ds demo)

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One Response to endgame

  1. Nick P. says:

    Really enjoying some nice drum programming in this track, specifically the initial verse groove.