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Dash 8

Dash 8

On January 20, 2011, in creation, memories, music, by holotape

A few weeks ago I flew from Toronto Island Airport to Newark, NJ on a Bombardier Q400, also known as a Dash 8.

The plan was to go to NYC for New Year’s Eve.

For some reason Porter Airlines, whose pre- and in-flight experience is amazing, flies to Newark instead of Laguardia or JFK.  After landing in Jersey I was struck by one thing — the sound.

It’s as if Rockstar Games simply put a couple microphones in the street outside the airport to record the background ambience for all of their Grand Theft Auto games: the cars, the sirens, the obscenities in Jersey dialect in the distance.

We hopped on a commuter train to Penn Station.  For you Torontonians, think of a GO Train with twice as many seats in each car, and now imagine bringing a large suitcase and your puffy winter coat along with you.  Not so comfortable.

Anyway, the rest of the trip was incredible.  I loved my time in NYC and the weather was beautiful.  One afternoon I hopped on the L train to visit Williamsburg, Brooklyn to see what it was all about (hint: It’s Parkdale, but bigger).  Recommended places to visit at that time of year: anywhere but Times Square!

A few days before the trip, I wrote this somewhat obnoxious little song on my trusty DS-10 while visiting family for Xmas.

holotape – dash8 (ds demo)

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2 Responses to Dash 8

  1. Brendan says:

    I love this fuckin’ song!!!

  2. holotape says: